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The company was founded by Josef Lehner in 1956 as a sideline. Today, Helmut Lehner is in charge of the company, representing the second generation of the family. The agricultural company was massively expanded from 1980 onwards when Josef Lehner's son Helmut joined the firm. When a regional snail calamity ravaged the agriculture industry in 1989, the company moved into 12-volt spreading technology. Gradually, the company's territory grew, initially just in southern Germany, and then to northern and eastern Germany too. Today, the company produces a whole raft of innovative equipment. We are the market leader in Europe for many of the products we carry. Our team of just 25 people handles all of the agricultural side of the business as well as the technology production. In technology, we specialise in the development of innovations and final assembly. The strictly controlled final assembly stage ensures the superlative quality of our products, which we ship all over the world. We currently export 37% of our spreading technology products, and we expect this share to rise further.


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Viticulture Technology


  • Combination spreader for fruit growing
  • Combination spreader for hop growing
  • Combination spreader for horticulture
  • For special cultures

Potato growing


  • Dispensing of Goldor Bait
  • Speed-dependent dispensing
  • 12, 22 or 70-litre containers
  • Approved by the Julius Kühn Institute

Road Construction


  • For the even delivery of sand or grit during asphalt laying
  • 12 Volt precise granulate distributor
  • For narrow road rollers of up to 1.4 metres

Dispensing Gun
Dispensing tool


  • For poisoned wheat and poisoned lentils
  • Empty weight just 250 g
  • Easy to use

Hose Spreader


  • The 12-Volt pneumatic hose spreader up to 8 m
  • With 8 or 16 hose outlets
  • 12-Volt high-performance blower
  • For cover crops, grass and other granulates

Oil Binder Technology


  • Eco-friendly, effective delivery of oil binding agents
  • Suitable for all oil binding materials

Pesticides Cabinet
Safety cabinet


  • For pesticides
  • Approved as a poisons cabinet
  • Shelf can support 75 kg and is assigned a consecutive TÜV number
  • Height 195 cm, width 95 cm, depth 50 cm

Medicines Cabinet
Safety cabinet


  • For medicines
  • Can be used as a wall-mounted cabinet
  • 3 shelves, 1 mm-thick sheet metal
  • Height 82 cm, width 68 cm, depth 28 cm
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